Andrew Fischer

About Me

Hey there! I'm Andrew Fischer, a 20 year-old student and aspiring software engineer.

At The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA., I'm studying a diverse curriculum heavy in Math and Sciences. At Penn, I hope to major in computational biology. I currently work as the Director of Online Projects at The Daily Pennsylvanian, overseeing digital strategy from a technical perspective, as well as creating beautiful interactive sites for special articles.

Previously, I attended Stuyvesant High School, where I was given a world-class introduction to computer science. There, I was a member of The Spectator and stood as Business Manager on the Editorial Board. I was also a member of the technical crew of Stuyvesant's Theatre Community, where I built and designed sets for shows.

Interested in working with me? Drop me a line.

  • Amateur Radio (Callsign KD2FLO)
  • Coding
  • Typography & Typesetting
  • Vintage Electronics & Restoration
  • Woodworking
  • Photography
The Daily Pennsylvanian Now
Director of Online Projects
Motivate International Sum. '16'
Engineering Intern
PennLabs Spr. 2015
SumAll Sum. '15
Engineering Intern
ESAH/LIC Vets Sum. '13, '14

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Collaborative playlisting on the go.
Rethinking The DP's Site.
RESTful source of athelete data.

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DP Website
The Daily Pennsylvanian

Worked with many members of The Daily Pennsylvanian to create a new site that is aesthetically plesaing, fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. Currently undergoing internal testing, set for release in early october.

Dispatcher Dashboard
Motivate International

Built a dashboard to aid dispatchers at CitiBike and other bike-sharing companies in rebalancing bikes across the city. Brings together important data from multiple locations, giving the dispatchers a central source of information. Currently in use.

Athletics API
Penn Labs

A web-scraping API to get athlete and team information from Penn Athletics' website. Currently broken, as Penn Athletics changed their site layout and broke our scraper :(.

Your Courses, Deconstructed
Penn Labs

An analysis of >10 years of Penn Course Review data. Worked with writers, designers, and stat majors (R is weird!) to find trends in data. Packaged data into a beautiful site, complete with charts and interactives.

Reflector - A Map Making Microservice
Motivate International

A node.js based microservice to dynamically create maps with live bike-sharing data. Uses Motivate's GBFS APIs for data retrieval. Dynamically generates maps based on URL parameters, and returns an iframe which can be used on any website. Front-end interface allows easy map creation, outputting iframe code that can be copy-pasted into any website.